Nighty Night

1 min readOct 16, 2022


You are not a disgraced, failed, or unworthy being.
More like a beautiful soul unexpectedly crossing through my time line.
I find myself holding onto a desire that it should be fulfilled by your existence.

I hope to be by your side when it gets dark.
When the chill crawls into your skin.
And those riotous thoughts start to whisper.
And with your lingering gaze, you patiently listen to my voice.

You are worthy of kindness and happiness.
Your gentleness, grace, empathy, and kindness have touched and soothed my cracked soul.

If only we were closer in distance, my dear,
I would be completely shattered in your arms.
Listen to your slow breathing and racing heart.
Feel your fingers running through my hair.

And tell me, is it greedy of me to wish that it would last eternally? Unshockingly, we are all merely a fleeting existence.

My dear, I hope this life will not dare to cause you so much pain in your fleeting existence.

Saturday, 15th October 2022